AUGUST 10TH – 12TH, 2012

His Royal Majesty, Honorable Chairman, Traditional Chiefs, Fellow Uromians,
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.  On behalf of the National Association
of Uromi Sons and Daughters, USA (NAUSDA), I welcome you all to our Convention
holding in the city of Hanover, Maryland. We are particularly honored to have in our
midst HRM, Anslem Eidenojie II, The Onojie Of Uromi who, in spite of his very busy
schedule in his Kingdom, still found time to grace this August Occasion. Please join
me as I salute and say ‘Zaiki’ to His Royal Majesty. I also want to express my profound
gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly to put things together for what
promises to be a wonderful and exciting weekend.
A few years ago the present generation of Uromi Sons and Daughters in America
came together and made a choice. Part of that choice is to try to harness resources
which will enable us embark on some attainable and at the same time sustainable
projects that will uplift our home town, Uromi and light up the hope of our people
there.  Today we are gathered here not only to re-unite with our families and friends
but also try to fulfill that mission.
The theme of this Convention is ‘Potable Water Supply for Good Health’.  Ladies and
Gentlemen, the importance of access to potable water by a community in this 21st
century cannot be over emphasized. One Environmentalist once said that Water is
synonymous with Life.  With the situation at home, I am inclined to agree with him.  
Our mission is to ensure that all parts of Uromi Community have access to clean and
drinkable water.  NAUSDA may not be able to do this alone, but it is prepared and
willing to partner with individuals and the relevant Agencies or NGOs with a view to
realizing this dream.  Therefore, my appeal to all present here today, Uromians and
friends is to please harken to our call by donating generously to this cause. And may
the Almighty God Bless you abundantly as you do so.
Aside from water problem within Uromi Community, there has also been an immense
and painful longing for other basic amenities by the people, such as quality
healthcare system, good roads, dependable electric power supply, well equipped
public library, and other Infrastructures. In this era of our development process, these
amenities should not be regarded as luxuries to our people. They are the basic
necessities of life for any community. In view of this, I believe it is imperative at this
time, more than before, that all Uromians both at home and in diaspora  come
together to take some positive actions and make Uromi the dream land it is meant to
be; a City worthy of its historical name- UROMI OLIKA ODIGHI GBENI. Let us engage
in less of rhetoric and have more of Action. Together we can make the world we live in
and shape our environment. The Esan man says ‘Akugbe Ahu’. Also an Ethiopian
proverb has it that” When Spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” No doubt the task
ahead posses some great challenges, but I beseech thee Brethren, as the challenges
are great, so should our strength and the capacity to meet them, because what we do
today will go a long way in improving all of our tomorrows.
At this juncture, I would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge and thank, on
behalf of NAUSDA, some few Uromi Indigenes who have made individual effort
towards the promotion of welfare programs within Uromi community. Once again, I
say    “IBHA OBULU”. Furthermore, I must emphasis here that it is the duty and
responsibility of all of us to make Uromi great. President J. F. Kennedy once said
“Things do not happen; things are made to happen”.  Let us join hands and make
good things happen in our community. Even if there is no wind to sail, Brethren, let us
ROW the Boat.  With determination and strong faith we will get to our destination.
Before I end this Speech, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me touch briefly on an issue that
members of this Association have decided to pursue with great passion. That is the
issue of honoring one of the illustrious sons of Uromi, Chief Anthony Enahoro who
went to be with our Lord a couple of years ago. One Vincent Akuta, quoting an
American Author, W. T. Horngren in a recent article he wrote about his hero said “For
those who know him, no word is necessary; for those who do not know him, no word is
sufficient”.  So it is with our Chief Anthony Enahoro. However, I believe it is almost trite
now to say that he was a colossus that bestrode the political terrain of Nigeria for
more than half a century until he answered the final call. We strongly believe that the
name of such a Foremost Nationalist and a Political Titan should not be allowed to
fade into oblivion. That is why we members of this association have come up with a
project proposal aimed at immortalizing him at the local, state and the national levels
as the case may be. In this regard, I hereby appeal to all well-meaning individuals to
help sensitize and pressure the relevant bodies with a view to making us achieve this
noble objective.
In conclusion, I once again thank you all for honoring our invitation. I wish you fruitful
deliberations and journey mercies back to your respective destinations after the
God Bless you all.     God Bless Uromi.          Uromi Khide.
Ben Omon Etiobhio
President, NAUSDA
National Association of Uromi Sons and Daughters, USA.
Copyright © 2011. National Association of Uromi Sons and Daughters, USA