A Tribute to Barrister Ben. Etiobhio

The Out-going President of NAUSDA-USA: Chicago, August 9, 2014.

                                  By Adams Ebhomielen.

Protocols Observed.
My task to-night is to give honor to whom honor is due.
1        JFK once said ‘a nation reveals itself , not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the
men it remembers’.
2        Sometimes we honor people, not only for what they brought out in themselves, but also for what they
brought out in others.
3        To-night, I stand here to express my profound respect, appreciation and faith in an outstanding individual.
4        On 17th October, 2008, when the clarion call was made to our fellow Uromians in the U.S. to come and
answer the hunting question, ‘to be or not to be’, this individual was there to cast his vote for a yes…let there be.
5        On 4th of July, 2009, in NJ, when the Constitution of the new Association, Nausda, was formally adopted
and a Caretaker Committee constituted to run the affairs of the Association for one year before the general
election, this individual was there and he headed the committee as its chairman.
6        At the very successful 1st Convention in Dallas, 2010,  where friends, pals, classmates, school mates,
garage mates who, though in the same U.S but have not met in 20, 25 or even 30 years, were awash with
emotions;  old friendships were re-established and new friends made amidst the joyous echoes of ‘Bodiaye!
Magnet!, Malawi!, Ashio!, Uwe-khona? Onegbe?,  etc., etc. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.                   
The Convention was so much filled with love, affection and emotion that the cry, for a repeat, in 2011, instead of
the next slated for 2012, filled the air.
7         This individual, Barrister Ben Etiobhio, whose chapter hosted the Convention, also became the 1st
President of NAUSDA-USA. He was, again, returned for a second term at the Baltimore Convention of 2012.
8        Today, Barrister Ben Etiobhio  is presiding over the 4th NAUSDA Convention…a record that may never be
broken. The 5 years of Brother Ben. in office have been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence. His
integrity, dedication, magnanimity, humility and creativity have been an inspiration.
9        Many a time, he faced the music even when he did not like the tune. He was never distracted but kept his
eye on the vision---  fighting the good fight, striving consistently and constantly to achieve goals: For the
Association, Barrister Etiobhio and his team   successfully secured the Federal Tax Exempt  Status; For the
members, Group Life Insurance was brought into being & for the Uromi Central Hospital, water now flows in the
wards, laboratory, theatre etc. Meanwhile, however, Uromi Community as a whole, long deprived of water supply,
an essential basic necessity of life, continues to persevere and hope and yearn for the day when a Savior will
come to her rescue.
10           It is particularly important to note that this occasion is not a retirement occasion for you, Brother Ben, to
re-coil into a cocoon. I am not saluting or acknowledging the end of your service to the Association, but rather,
the contributions to this day of one who will still be contributing, competing and doing.
11          Finally, I celebrate your enthusiasm, commitment and hard work. I owe you a debt of gratitude for
showing us the right person, doing the right job in the right way and staying focused in all that you do. I salute
you and your able administration for a job very well done. May more successes attend on you.